I AM 3P’s Daily DNA Recite Vitamins Workbook-Faith Fit



Reciting I AM 3P’s daily clears the negative energy in the atmosphere of the mind, body, and spirit.  3P’s gives our spirit man balance, nourishment, focus, while accepting daily wealth doses of information at its appointed time. We understand  vitamins for our mind and body to function at their highest peak, but forget about our spirit function at its highest peak. The spirit man gets malnourished by fear, anger, and confusion. The lack of knowledge of oneself growing-through the design purpose of life trials and tribulations. Can leave individuals weak and acceptable for the enemy to take hostage of their day.  The 3P’s recite vitamins invokes the 7 Crowns of Heaven’s DNA; Power, Purpose, Prosperity recite in our daily routine. The Living Spirit protecting, providing and presenting us to Yahweh as Living Word in action. Everyday wake up to God’s supply of power, purpose, and prosperity of wealth. In complete authority over receiving and releasing daily wealth in life, business, and community.

Usage: I am/ I AM 3P’s Recite Vitamins Results can vary depending on the individual’s faith, awareness, and desire in life. Recommended dose at least 3x times a day; morning, noon and night. Common results; joy, peace, calmness, insight, awareness, focus, laughter, enjoyment of life and goals completion. P’s vitamins are so good you could never overdose.


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