Faith Living Priesthood Prayer Purpose Plan-FLPPPP (pronounced flip)



Faith Living Priesthood Purpose Prayer Plan, One of three conjoining workbooks used in Faith Fit Lifestyle Series. FLPPPP (pronounced flip).[J] is a workbook to create prayer weapons for self; acknowledgement, acceptance and accountability in the Faith Logistic System (FLS) process of manifestation of heaven on earth. The Spiritual brain hub of life, business, community of the I AM Kingdom.  FLPPPP transforms thoughts, words, and action into directive missions of Heaven. Training the minds into God’s Job Plan of life more abundantly. Reprograming  thought patterns towards with the God and self. The complete blueprint of success in the spirit, mental, and natural realms of life. Learn how to command the atmosphere to the power, purpose, and prosperity of Yahweh. An entity with the characteristics of Yeshua edifying the Kingdoms’; love, wealth, gifts, and talents.  Yahweh in ALL: life, business and community

Discover how our Faith Logistic System (FLS) becomes activated through daily conversation with the Living Spirit. Experience the presence of God that changes lives, businesses, and communities. FLPPPP (flip) will become the breath of your life. Every word spoken is heavens’ language of power, purpose, prosperity, peace, and love for this earthly life. Daily communication with Yahweh gives you 24 hour directions and commands the flesh to obey every second of your day; Before chaos erupts, In every situation. 




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