Breaking Up With Fear- Living In A Faith Atmosphere WORKBOOK (Faith FIT)


When processing fears moments of the spiritual, mental, and natural pain, we experience them with the I AM in three ways, ALL; Creator, Loving, & Knowing. The spirit of fear keeps us from receiving power, authority, and a sound mind to create and reign over our birthright territory on earth.

In 2005, I broke up with fear and entered into a relationship with my true self, FAITH.

Breaking Up With Fear, Living in a Faith Atmosphere Workbook and Journal, is the first in a three-part series to make us Faith Fit for our Birthright inheritance in heaven and earth. I share dark moments where fear took hold of me and controlled my atmosphere—using one scripture as my foundation to rebuild my life with practical, fun steps.

Use the 5-Step system every day or when in need of a Faith reminder. It will always place you right back into your Birthright Power, Authority and Love. There’re no smoking mirrors, just FAITH and putting Your all (SELF) into your life.

Break Up with Fear Today, find I AM Faith, and become Your True Self.


The Faith Fit Lifestyle workbooks series Living In A Faith Atmosphere, are based on Apostle Jeanine Davis’ battles and triumphs with fear. FF lifestyle series is broken into three categories: Breaking Up With Fear, Challenge My Mindset and Reigning in I AM Faith, Rebuilds and Restores the mind, soul, and nature to the promises of the Yahweh.

 Breaking Up With Fear is the first in the series. The foundational ground to grow into an I AM Incubator of heaven’s love.  The perfect everyday battles or when you are facing a life’s storms. All online course includes Breaking Up With Fear workbook. Each step has a fun activity to break your mind out of a routine of lack. During the journey of Breaking Up With Fear, Living in a Faith Atmosphere. you will found the strength to believe I AM promises are “Yes & Amen,” through simple steps of renewing the body, mind, & soul every day. It’s not easy walking on faith with no safety nets, but  push  and not  give up.  Just one focus  scripture, you will found keys to when the battle of fear.  Break up with fear and entered into a relationship with your true self: FAITH. Breaking Up With Fear, is a reset back into your Birthright Power. There’re no smoking mirrors, just FAITH and putting Yourself into life more abundantly.

Faith Fit Series workbook and courses include; Breaking Up With Fear, Challenge Your Mind God’s Job Plan, I AM Recite Vitamins,  Priesthood Prayer Plan, I AM Seed and 14 Giving.

3T’s Grow-Through 5 Step Process

Teach the mental hub entities to accept  I Am vision in life, business, and community. Train the natural instincts to accept the spiritual realm ideal for life, business, and community. Transform the entities’ natural space into the entities I AM Incubator. The 5 Step process teaches, trains and transform  entities into their vision of power, purpose and prosperity.  5 Step process teaches, trains and transforms in the 7 senses natural response in  the mind into accepting the blueprint of the of the Great I AM.

All concepts, writing, teaching, product concept and development and anything with the name Jeanine D Davis doing business in the name of not limited to;  Jeanine D. Davis. Jeanine, JeanineDavisLLC, and Apostle Jeanine D. Davis Jeanine solely belongs  Jeanine D Davis and The Mary Jane Advocates nonprofit.  Managed by Jeanine Davis LLC


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