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All Church is an online and mobile tent evangelist ministry. Spreading the truth about Yahweh through online live worship services, check the word studies, Friday Focus Freedom tent services, faith group activities and more. 

Every Sunday at 18:00pm PDT
on Facebook and ZOOM Live

Our Vision

ALL Church teaches you how to become the complete tabernacle of Yahweh in three parts:


Receiving essential stabilizing tools to deal with life blows. We All face life hardship without support for others and stabilizing tools. It can seem impossible to rise up. All Church, Sunday Communion with Yahweh, focused on prayer, salvation, and deliverance with the power of Jesus Christ. Where we reach up and receive what we need to continue to win and assist our neighbors with on-the-spot supported services and government referrals. 


Remove external lack experiences accept solutions for eternal gain. Dark thoughts of the past hurts and pains can leave a residue of nothing land the word of Yahweh calls sin. We see a vision of more, but our choices and actions don’t reflect the vision with no peace to find. Releasing (praying) unto Yahweh, asking for the Living Spirit to direct us in every area of life. Opens the channel of success, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, signs, favor, and more.  Where we reach up and receive what we need to continue to win. 


Refreshing eternal salvation thoughts, opening elevation of Yahweh. Getting the spark of life is where it all started. Retraining the mind to receive new strategies to build your heavenly kingdom on earth takes iron sharpening iron. ALL Church, online bible studies and faith activities are monthly focused topics to help individuals wear the full armor of God every day.


Heaven is rejoicing with us for You. Your time is valuable as you choose to connect your faith with ours. We claim victory with you over every demonic force that tried to destroy you. We stand in agreement with Yahweh, you have received the power of the living spirit through your acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord. Now you are tapped into Your Power, Authority , Sound Mind, and  Yahweh’s everlasting presence.

We are a new ministry with a new concept. We want to hear from you on how we can best serve you and help you grow in your walk with God.

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