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Life more abundantly, Speak Over Yourself

Community Connectors Network  Challenging Your Mindset Word of Our Creator  Today, October 31, 2021, 8:00 am Scripture reference Psalms 118niv focus verse 17 Overview of the blog; We consider Psalms 118 the center (The bridge of the old and new kingdom to come) of our Creator’s word (breath) and…

The Question Jesus is Asking Us

Get your copies of Breaking Up With Fear, Living In a Faith Atmosphere. Hello Connectors, today’s thought Yoke breaking seed. Will you come down of your titles and become my Anointing Ones? Spiritual DELAY is an I AM Incubator preparation for His full Glory to rest in you. …

Faith Fit Lifestyle Products

Faith Fit Lifestyle Heaven’s 7/7 Plan encompasses the whole journey of a believer. The I AM Faith, Creators Atmosphere Instructional tools to harness the power, purpose, prosperity of the kingdom living on earth.

  Faith Fit Lifestyle System

Faith Fit Lifestyle System consent of 7 workbooks, 7 classes plus additional products to keep entities moving in their created atmosphere 365 days. All courses include a workbook. Class start April 2023 

1 Breaking Up With Fear 1 day or 6 weeks 

2 Challenging Your Mind 1 day or 6 weeks 

3 I AM 3’Ps Recite Vitamins 1 day workshop

4 Faith Living Priesthood Prayer Purpose Plan

(FLPPPP) 6 or 12 week course

5 14 Now Seed 6 or 12 week course

6 God’s Job Plan  6 or 12 week course

7 Reigning in I AM Atmosphere: Real 12-24 week class

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