Love community project (lcp)

3T’s Focus; Teach, Train, and Transform, creates an atmosphere of respect, hope, and resources in Communities where Neighbors seek equality.

LCP Foundational Structural Blocks last up to 36 months and all developed resources stay in the focus community.


3T’s Focus quickly adapts to all government entities, pro & non-entities whose purpose is Community driven kindness. LCP supports cities, counties, business entities constructing their I AM Bridge—eliminating instructional building blocks & community resources necessary for Neighbors in Focus Community. LCP Foundational Structural Blocks resources to an individual/family or business can last up to 36 months LCP resources stay in that city community.

Giving more power to create a well-balanced life for all and increase circulating community resources.

3-T’s FOCUS-Structural Builder Blocks of life, encompassing the human experience of an individual, family, or business with foundational resources and online instructional tools.  Transforming their mindset towards future life goals. Neighbors in F.O.C.U.S. areas are diamonds created through life’s difficulties and support clearing the dirt off. LCP chooses not to use negative stigmatized words which promote negative self-worth. We offer online classes, individual and group support coaching and more.


Focus Support creating; healthy, thriving neighbors in our communities.

3-Tear Focus is implemented through a virtual platform user friendly. All LCP Coaches are hired local and certified as Community Coach, I AM Bridge. Anywhere our neighbors transition into, LCP I AM Bridge is right at their fingertip, support portal to their I AM Bridge.

Jeanine Davis (CC’s) Community Connectors Network is a global network driven by local networks connecting, providing services, and supporting Neighbors through their journey. CC’s pledge within the network resources to build the I AM Bridge for each community project. Stabilizing current and further funding community. Currently serving California, Texas, Maryland and growing. 

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