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Life more abundantly, Speak Over Yourself

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Today, October 31, 2021, 8:00 am

Scripture reference Psalms 118niv focus verse 17

Overview of the blog; We consider Psalms 118 the center (The bridge of the old and new kingdom to come) of our Creator’s word (breath) and the last of the Hallel Songs of Praise; announcing Yahweh being the Lord over Kingdom Creator known as The Great I AM to all. Also known to African American slaves as their promises. Thus, making Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King our Moses, and Yahweh(Jesus Christ) representatives of the promises of the Great I AM (God, Jehovah).

I shall live and not die

Connectors today, we face the reality that our life is fleeting on earth but everlasting in the spiritual realm. The questions are: How to have life more abundantly and not die in spirit, mind, and natural life?  How do we stay anchored in the Word when the ground we stand on is sinking sound? How do we have hope for a better tomorrow when we are still being slaughtered in the natural realm? The scripture Psalms 118 verse 17, So let’s “ I shall live and not die.” is the answer. Let’s break each word down and hear the Lord shout to us, “WE SHALL LIVE and NOT DIE.” 

I = singular process of Individual Self thought process

Shall = An imperative command; has a duty to or required to.

Live = To wait or hope for (something) very eagerly,  to think of (something) as the most important or enjoyable part of one’s life.

And = continuation of more to come. 

Not = cancellation of something that was to happen

Die = no longer alive; not sound mind, dead, decayed; person, animal, or plant. 

Life reset and life more abundantly. 

Psalms 113-118 “Egyptian Hallel” psalms (Hallel simply means “Praise Yahweh!”), aka (slaves songs of hope, restoration, justice, and more). The promise of kingdom living on earth as it is in heaven, the Lord’s prayer in Matthew 6:9-15.  The last of all the cries/praises to our Creator, “I AM before completion of healing toward those who were persecuted for His sake: the beginning and the end of our Faith in Jesus Christ (Yahweh). Psalms 118 is the last of the six Hallel Songs of Praise, indicating the finishing of I AM Promises, and they’re manifesting on earth.  

October represents Rival in our Creators Calendar of  Life 

In the Creator economy and Yahweh calendar, the three festival periods cover seven months of the year.  The Passover (1st month) and Pentecost (3rd month) and Trumpets, Tabernacles and Atonement (7th month) all signify significant events that are Global plan of Salvation which are celebrated in the annual pilgrimage Feasts of Israel. Spiritual Seeding and Harvest. We live in a world time calendar of 12-month. Our spiritual creator seeding and harvest starts and grows in a 7-month calendar. We are left with 5-month on building up faith called; patience, suffering, etc. After the first harvest of Yahweh Moses days. The Roman came in power and created a 10-month calendar marking the time and the second harvest of Yahweh (death and resurrection). It was only until Julius Ceaser ordered the calendar to change to 12-month to mark time and the third harvest of Yahweh in the natural realm.

Faith Fit Challenging Your mindset Calendar

Jan planning

February Patients 


April-Manifestating Hope  


June-Ego Check

July -Harvest                            

August Awareness                            


October- Standing firm        

November Receiving                      

 December  Celebration of Restoration 

Breaking down the spiritual calendar into four natural cycles with three spiritual meanings attached to them. Still, 7-month spiritual calendar of seed to harvest with 5-month to correct fear logic to receive harvest?  The whole seed and harvest is a class I teach only in February and March. To sign up, email today. 

Check Yourself

The world system creates and celebrates a short-term life span in life, business, and community. We see it every day, and we still sign up to have a short-term harvest because of fear. In October, the need to feel alive comes from the waiting to harvest the extra pressing of the oil. The natural life has endured so much it can become weak to the enemy tactics. ~giving the enemy (fear) fuels to steal, kill, and destroy the spiritual, mental, and natural harvest before receiving it. The enemy begins to cause anxiety, stress, and timidity. Planting doubt makes us give up on everything we put our faith and action to because of life pressures and pain. We throw in the towel and go for natural remedies for a spiritual inheritance that is ours.  

Remember the question from the top of this blog. Only Yahweh would give us this message on October 31, 2021, to silence all questions right before we could lose it all. So tomorrow is the start of November, being thankful for bringing us out and providing all the way.

Fire From the Lord

Numbers, the whole chapter of  11 is about the Great I AM delivering them from the hand of their oppressor, providing all they needed before they would enter their promised land. But they complained about the food they were allowed to eat, begging for the meat (slop) of Egypt instead of the fresh manna of God. So we must ask these questions as the Body of Christ why am I complaining about being: delivered out my mess?  all needs provided for all?,  and Wishing to be back dead instead of alive? 

This harvest of all three; life, business, and community, manifesting on ear


As the temple of Christ, you have to choose not to hang out with familiar spirits of your past to receive. 

1. With a shout like a trumpet,  Yahweh is Lord. 

2. Challenge your mindset to be focused in a faith atmosphere.

3. Wake up every day, committing yourself to life, the business, and the community  

I AM created in you through Yahweh. I choose today to dress in the armor of Jesus Christ, placing yesterday behind me, and I press to the higher mark. Thank you for breaking the shackles off every area of my life. I receive all the promises created for me and my generations. I commit my gifts and talents to the build of the I AM temple in me. I surrender my earth thought process and take on the mindset of Jesus Christ (Yahweh), and become a vessel of love towards all I encounter. I will live in my heavenly kingdom on earth. It is well with my soul. 

. The Egyptian Halle Psalms Overview by Win Groseclose (M.Div.), pastor of St. John’s United Evangelical Protestant Church.

Psalms 113-118 known as “Egyptian Hallel” psalms (Hallel simply means “Praise Yahweh!”), thus they were written as praises that were sung in connection with the Passover meal and other Hebrew festivals and reflect upon God’s redemption of his people, particularly from their bondage in Egypt. In the context of the Passover celebration, Psalms 113 and 114 typically would have been sung before the Passover meal, and Psalms 115-118 would have been sung afterward. It is most likely these were the psalms that Jesus and his disciples sung after the Last Supper, a Passover meal, before their retirement to the Garden of Gethsemane and Jesus’ subsequent arrest (Matthew 26:30). These psalms are designed not only to aid the Hebrews in their worship, but they were also designed with an evangelistic flavor to them. Imagine the impact that these psalms must have had on visitors to Jerusalem during these festival times. You would have streams of people entering into the city singing praises to God for his wondrous works and inviting others to sing along with them. It was meant to be an exciting time-a time that might bring even outsiders to investigate the wonders of this mighty God and the promise of his marvelous Messiah. 

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