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Let Today Be Your Good Friday

Hello Connectors, today’s thought Yoke breaking seed. Leaders Destiny

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28.KJV Suggestion read the whole chapter. For a refresher of Jesus Life and resurrection, please read one of the gospels Matthew is go-to for me. It is the first book in the first testament in your bible.
In prayer, I heard It’s Good Friday…Mmmmm, my soul felt that. From 3 am-7 am, it was on. I got new praise.
What is Good Friday? It’s the day Jesus died a natural death and became His spiritual being as Lord of all. For all believers in Jesus (Yahweh) will no longer die naturally and now live with the Father’s power, authority, and sound mind governing over the vision He created in us. All because Jesus fulfilled the Father’s dream of Him. Let that sink in.
Significance of these 3-days and what happened in those three days for leadership lens:
1. Everything was revealed to all humans about The Creator’s love for us. No need to feel guilty for dusting your feet off.
2. No one will be able to stand with you during this elevation. God requires time along with him
3. The lesson of Peter and Judas; keeping Peter and not Judas for the next season. Both are significant; one for the future and one from the past growth.
4. Leaders called by His name will carry out their Creator’s visions no matter what adversity they face. Trouble is where Jesus shines through us.
5. The anointing of the Holy Spirit is the gatekeeper of our soul. Nothing can penetrate the blood. Not even our selfish will.
Connectors today is Good Friday. The old life is dying, and our new life is beginning naturally and spiritually—visions for the Creator’s kingdom on earth in life, business, and community. 
All those T’s and I’ you couldn’t complete? Jesus, Got it. 
Three days of Jesus blood of the cross-crossing all T’s (task) in your life. Jesus paid it all. Three days of Yahweh being nailed on the cross for all your I’s (incompletes). Let that sink in and rest in the Lord Jesus Christ, the redeemer of all;  He completes your armor for this earth walk.
Wait, this is not just a one-time deal. It is an everyday living, well-thought process of Jesus Christ. We choose when we receive the truth and let go of past hurts, mistakes, and wounds of the battle won.
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