Life more abundantly, Speak Over Yourself

Community Connectors Network  Challenging Your Mindset Word of Our Creator  Today, October 31, 2021, 8:00 am Scripture reference Psalms 118niv focus verse 17 Overview of the blog; We consider Psalms 118 the center (The bridge of the old and new kingdom to come) of our Creator’s word (breath) and the last of the Hallel Songs […]

The Question Jesus is Asking Us

Get your copies of Breaking Up With Fear, Living In a Faith Atmosphere. Hello Connectors, today’s thought Yoke breaking seed. Will you come down of your titles and become my Anointing Ones? Spiritual DELAY is an I AM Incubator preparation for His full Glory to rest in you.  Delay- Divine Eternal Living Anointing Yoke […]

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