I AM Incubator Community Coaching Certifications

Learn valuable tools freeing your community efforts from fail applications, staff burnout, marketing failures, and more. Ideal for nonprofits restructuring objectives and concepts in their application in community building.


Community Connector Coach (Life and Business)

Consists of understanding the basics of community coaching with universal words for all humankind. Helping individuals, businesses, and communities create I AM Incubators. Universal teaching for level in the journey with the Great I AM.

  • Beginning your relationship with the Creator
  • Gift and Purpose
  • Responsibility
  • Focus Choices and Atmosphere to create Abundant Life
  • Expectations of Ministry and so much more

All level Community Connectors Certified Coach (Life, Business, and Community) full-service reach-out programs focus on each area of human life.

The class consists of everything  in level 1 and Jeanine Davis’s social media Faith Fit launch.

  • Social media Launch certified I AM Incubator Training
  • Nonprofit vs. Profit licenses
  • Outreach Ministry
  • Being I AM Incubator for life, business, and community
  • 360 Giving
  • 3 in 1 Harmony
  • Kingdom Authority

All level Certified Trainer (Life, Business and Community)

Consists of levels 1 and 2 plus listed as a Certified Licensed Community Connectors Network Trainer.

  • In addition, you have access to government grants, partnership opportunities for the larger community impact, sustainability, and support.
  • The ability to train other individuals, adaptable programming to create your own, training guide for your staff, and community engagement programming.

FROM $2200

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