Community Connectors Network ™

Every subscription provides free community coaching and resources for team member’s individual and
business goals.

Community Connectors Network ™


The Community Connectors Network is charged with unique human lights all around us. We are always
looking for willing workers to join the community. Teach, train, and transform your community and
world, connect your human light today.

Is this membership for you?

Membership that Grows-through the life of your entity.

Individual and Business Membership

Community Involvement Proof

Community Partnerships

Connectors Social Events

360 Resources circulation in your community

Global resources for local community impact

Membership privileges and responsibilities




Commitment Required


$ 10 / m
  • 1 level membership access (1yr)
  • One-on-One Hour of Power with Jeanine Davis
  • Private events for Community Connectors
  • Business listed in the Community Connector Page
  • Receive the Community Connector logo to place on all your social media platform
Commitment Required


$ 25 / yr
  • Everything in builder plus
  • One month highlight in all social media platform
  • Interviewed by Jeanine Davis for her YouTube, Facebook, podcast to Highlight your business
  • Your community charity of choice highlighted for a month
  • 1 ticket to Gala
Commitment Required

business collective

$ 30 / yr
  • Free for the first 3 months
  • One-time fee $300 or a recurring payment of $30/yr

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