Jeanine Davis Faith Fit Coaching brings everything into your atmospheres for a life of intent and prosperity. Instructional tools to harness the power, authority, and sound mind for the kingdom lifestyle on

Our Coaching Delivers

Three levels to achieve your ministry or community connector goals


Transform your mindset so you can take ownership of your own life


Put in the work and systems in place that help your business thrive


Extend a hand beyond yourself as you leave a legacy in your community

I AM Biblical Coaching Ministry Licenses

Set platform launch for your desired ministry, listed as a
community connector with links to your services sent to all the connectors. The ability to Coach and launch new fruit of your ministry tree and mentor souls who are hungry to connect to the
Creator with no shame or guilt of being created unique and beautiful. 

I AM Incubator Community Coaching Certifications​

Learn valuable tools freeing your community efforts from fail applications, staff burnout, marketing failures, and more. Ideal for nonprofits restructuring objectives and concepts in their application in community building.


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